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Aikido is a traditional Japanese Martial Art that utilizes grappling, joint locking and nerve control techniques together with dynamic throwing techniques as itís basis for defense.† Aikido finds its roots in the Samurai fighting arts of feudal Japan. Aikido is a popular Martial Art taught for police and other defensive tactics programs.


Aikido training includes three traditional weapons: the jo (4 foot staff), the bokken (wooden sword) and the tanto (knife). The skills learned through weapons practice - timing and distance, dynamic movement, focus, intensity and energy extension, etc. - are invaluable to empty-hand technique.


The Aikido classes taught at USA Martial Arts provide the finest in personal protection skills. Although Aikido is a grappling based system it differs from the Judo / Jujitsu program in that it doesnít stress ground grappling, but rather allows the practitioner to remain standing and therefore able to remove oneself from a dangerous situation quickly and safely.