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Text Box: USA Martial Arts  -  Pelham, Alabama

Tae Kwon Do / Karate

At the USA Martial Arts Training Centers, the Korean art of Tae Kwon Do and the Japanese art of Karate Do are taught essentially combined together in an art called Chong Shin Kwan (True Spirit School). Both Tae Kwon Do and Karate Do stem from basically the same origins in China , but evolved slightly differently due to the influence of other Martial Arts and philosophies in the two different countries.


Both arts stress strong kicking and punching techniques, with Tae Kwon Do training putting more emphasis on kicking and Karate putting more emphasis on hand techniques. The Chong Shin Kwan style of Tae Kwon Do Karate, puts equal importance on both arts. The Chong Shin style of martial arts includes techniques from Judo, Jujitsu, Aikido and Kobudo; making this an all around training system well suited for the modern world.


For Adults:The Tae Kwon Do Karate class is a great way to learn practical self-defense skills and get in shape!


For younger students: This is a great program to teach discipline, mental focus and life skills!