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Instructor Bio

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Tim Morgan has been involved in martial arts training, teaching and competing for over 30 years. He began training at age 10 in the arts of Korean Tae kwon Do and later in Japanese Karate.† In the 90ís he joined the USA Martial Arts Federation to continue his study under the direction of Shihan Van Bushnell, director of the Southeast Region of the USA Martial Arts Federation. While under Shihan Bushnell he went through instructor training and began teaching regular classes at the Southeast Headquarters Dojo. In 2003 he was given a school charter and opened the USA Martial Arts - North Shelby training center. He is the owner of the North Shelby training center and chief instructor for all programs.






4th Dan Karate - 4th Dan Tae Kwon Do - 4th Dan Aikido†

2nd Dan Judo - 2nd Dan Jujitsu - 2nd Dan Iaido